Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Protection

Full face helmet protection

In the event of an unexpected problem, the full face helmet can reduce the damage to the head to a relatively low level.
Its wrapping level is the best among all helmet categories.

The advantage is that the oncoming wind can be blocked with a relatively small wind resistance.

External noise is canceled with foam that wraps the inside of the motorcycle helmet.

However, the downside of a full face helmet is compared to its type of helmet.

Visibility angles are not wide, and some full-face helmets are heavy.

Prolonged use of a full face helmet can cause neck fatigue, etc.

Motocross helmet view

The helmet has the dual advantages of a full-face helmet and an off-road helmet.
Removable lenses allow for a wider field of vision when off-road.

Features a long chin design and a longer upper guard.

Helps limit direct impact from the front.

The downside is the susceptibility to noise.

And the air resistance is large.

Motocross Helmet Cascos especially with the upper guard open.

Therefore, it is very suitable for the dual needs of rally motorcycles taking into account both long-distance and off-road.

Post time: Feb-10-2022