What are the benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet?

What are the benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet?

Due to the special structure of the electric car, when the electric car falls and collides, the most serious injury is the head. The head is in the z-highest and z-protruding position, which causes the head to fall to the ground first or hit objects such as vehicles, and when a car accident occurs, the head is often unable to withstand the huge impact caused by the car accident.

1. Due to the smooth hemisphere of the full face helmet, the impact force can be dispersed and absorbed, while the deformation or cracks of the cross helmet and pads play a buffer role and can also absorb part of the energy.

2. The bright and eye-catching color of the helmet is easy to be noticed by other drivers.

3. A good helmet is a lifesaver. The use of helmets can greatly reduce fatalities and minimize injuries from car crashes. The rate of head injuries was 2.5 times higher without a helmet and the rate of fatal injuries was 1.5 times higher without a helmet.

Post time: Jan-30-2023