Thrilling car accident! Safety full face helmets save their lives at critical moments

Recently, an accident occurred in Liaocheng town,Guanxian city. A car collided with an electric bicycle. The driver of the electric bicycle flew more than 20 meters away. Fortunately, he wore a helmet and was not life-threatening. It is understood that the accident occurred at 6 pm on July 18, at the intersection of Tangsi on the 309 National Highway, an off-road car collided with an electric bicycle, causing the electric car driver Zhang to be injured and bloody. Fortunately, he was wearing a safety helmet, protect his vitals at critical moments and save his lives. Witnesses working on the side of the road described: “There was a bang, and the man and the car were thrown 20 or 30 meters ahead, so far, I’m really afraid that his life is in danger!” Mentioning the frightening scene, the witnesses still had lingering fears. Finally, after a hospital inspection, it was determined that Zhang suffered a facial injury and slight cerebral hemorrhage, which was not life-threatening! ! ! The hanging heart of the off-road vehicle driver finally relaxed. He said with emotion: From the bottom of my heart, I thank this electric vehicle driver for being able to wear a safety helmet formally. Otherwise, I will not dare to think about the consequences, and I am afraid! When an accident occurs, the helmet can absorb most of the impact force and play a protective role in buffering and damping, which greatly reduces the driver’s injury and death. At the same time, the vehicle must slow down in advance before turning into the intersection. Pay attention to the situation in all directions on the road. Vehicles should slow down to avoid and pass safely.


Post time: Jul-27-2021