How to Prevent Motorcycle Helmet Lenses from Scratching

Motorcycle helmet lenses get scratched quickly. Especially after following a car on a rainy day or being overtaken by a car, fine sand falls on the camera. When riding, I can’t see clearly without rubbing it, and when I wipe it with the lens, it’s spent. Now I was hit by the opposite light at night, there are flowers everywhere, I can’t see clearly.

There are quality differences in motorcycle helmet cascos lenses. If it is worn, the light transmittance of the helmet lens is very poor, and it is estimated that it will take half a year. Cheap helmet lenses cost dozens of dollars, and expensive helmet lenses cost hundreds of dollars.

Electric vehicle helmet lenses are generally made of PC material, with good transparency, good toughness, impact resistance, but not wear resistance. In general, do not wipe the lenses with your hands or gloves. When it rains, sand splashes. If it doesn’t affect your vision, don’t rub it directly. The Z is nice to ride for a while and wash off in the rain. To clean the lenses, wash with water, then soap or hand sanitizer, then rinse and dry with a soft dry towel or velvet cloth.

Post time: Feb-17-2022