How to purchase and select the materials of motorcycle helmet?

It is very important to buy a motorcycle helmet. The materials for choosing a motorcycle helmet manufacturer are as follows:

1. The density of the foam cushioning material of the helmet is very low, even inferior to the foam cushioning material used to install home appliances.

2. Some materials inside are uncomfortable to the touch, please choose carefully.

3. Be careful that the black heart small factory uses recycled materials to make helmets. The helmet will shatter with a light drop, the sun will smell and become soft, and there may be some garbage and toxic and harmful substances during recycling. Because this kind of helmet is super cheap, many people buy it. For safety, don’t be greedy for cheap.


Choose a full face motorcycle helmet

1. The inner side of the helmet must be equipped with an anti-impact liner. The surface liner material that matches the head is a thin mesh interlining, which should have the function of absorbing sweat and absorbing head grease. In addition, there should be a ventilation slot with a depth of more than 10mm on the inner liner to allow the air in the helmet to circulate.

2. The chin strap of the motorcycle helmet should be soft, and the hard protrusions such as buckles should not exceed 5mm from the outer surface.

3. Motorcycle helmets should have a light and comfortable feeling when choosing to wear a helmet. The weight of the helmet should not exceed 2KG.

Post time: Dec-29-2021