How to maintenance of the motorcycle helmet

  • Maintenance of the helmet surface

There are often dust and oil stains, so wiping the surface is a common job. When the helmet is stained, first use a damp cloth to clean the stain, and then rub it with the water wax or glazing wax used to wipe the car to make the helmet clean and shiny. A special brightener for helmets can also be used, and the effect is better.


  •  Maintenance of the inside of the helmet

When the helmet is used for a period of time, the inside of the helmet is sweaty and not well ventilated, oil stains will accumulate, and a peculiar smell will be produced. In this case, it should be cleaned. The cleaning agent used should be neutral. In order to avoid the peculiar smell of the cleaning agent, the usage amount should be controlled. When scrubbing the inside of the helmet, do not use excessive force. Otherwise, the cushioning material inside will be deformed or damaged. After cleaning it, wipe off the moisture with a towel or paper towel, and place it in a ventilated place to air dry. Do not use a hair dryer.


  •  Maintenance of helmet goggles

When cleaning the goggles, since the goggles are transparent parts, be careful when cleaning them. Add a neutral detergent to the water, wipe the inner and outer sides with a soft cotton cloth, rinse with water, and let it dry naturally. Rubbing water wax or antistatic agent on the outer surface can reduce the adhesion of dust and oil. The inside of the goggles is coated with anti-fogging agent to reduce the fog on the mirror surface when the weather is cooler and when driving at night.


Post time: Aug-02-2021