Factors to consider when buying an electric car helmet

What to pay attention to when choosing an motorcycle helmet. The most basic choice for a motorcycle helmet is the protective performance of the head. Everyone knows the 3c certification, which is a must for helmets. Therefore, some very cheap helmets may not be available. There are related product certification inspections behind them. Avoid buying three-no products.

1. Pay attention to the specification query; although you see that most helmets are of the same size, you still have to measure the head circumference, and then check the size of the head and how much helmet you bought, so as not to show that you feel uncomfortable after buying it back. The remaining inconvenience.

2. Warning sign; because sometimes when riding an electric type, you have to come out at night, so the helmet has to be removed from the protective function, that is, the warning function. See if there are some rearview mirrors available. This effect is very convenient. Too much.

3. Because some people feel hot when wearing helmets in summer and are unwilling to wear them, so we have to look at the air permeability. A good helmet is also very breathable. It is more comfortable to wear. If the weather is very hot, it will be difficult to wear a helmet, which also requires care.

4. Maintain a stable vision

When wearing a helmet, you still have to keep your field of vision open, so you must follow the rules as much as possible when you buy it.
Don’t buy an unsuitable helmet for better appearance, it will endanger your eyesight. Because now, some people buy helmets for better beauty.

Post time: Nov-09-2021