Do I need to wear a mask if I wear a motorcycle helmet?

The importance of wearing a mask to effectively prevent the spread of the virus. What should I do when riding an motorcycle? Do I need to wear a mask when wearing a motorcycle helmet? Even before the pandemic, people would rather wear masks or other protective equipment and helmets for various reasons. Of course, there are no special rules for wearing a mask when wearing a safety helmet. Wearing a mask for personal protection is also a safe option. Although a good helmet can provide good ventilation and air circulation to prevent collisions, they are not protective equipment that can isolate viruses.

But in fact, wearing a mask on the motorcycle helmet seems a bit redundant, and there is a certain chance that it will affect driving safety, because when riding an electric bike, the stimulation of external factors will cause the adrenaline to soar, which will cause the heartbeat. Speed ​​up, speed up breathing. But wearing a mask does not make you breathe more freely, so it makes it harder for the heart to work. In the worst case, it can cause the brain to pass out due to lack of oxygen. Although there are other unexpected factors that can cause breathing difficulties, in the case of high temperature and traffic jams, the practice of wearing a helmet and wearing a mask will quickly amplify the problem of breathing difficulties.

Therefore, for your own safety, in this epidemic, put the mask in your pocket, take off the helmet of the electric car at the destination, and wash your hands with water and soap.

Post time: Oct-30-2021