Safety starts from the “Head”

The occurrence of traffic accidents is not unrelated to the bad habits of the parties concerned, such as disregarding traffic safety and failing to abide by traffic laws and regulations. Bad habits such as not wearing seat belts when driving, and not wearing helmets when driving on motorcycles and electric vehicles are not uncommon. Therefore, it is urgent for the whole society to work together to promote the development of good traffic habits in which life is paramount and comply with laws and regulations.

As the saying goes: Driving a car is “meat covered with iron”, and driving a motorcycle or electric bicycle is “iron covered with meat”. Nowadays, motorcycles and electric bicycles have become the main means of transportation for many traffic participants. While providing people with fast and convenient travel, the dangers also exist objectively. During the daily inspections of traffic police, it was found that many electric bicycle drivers and occupants were seriously lacking in traffic safety awareness, and most drivers and occupants did not wear safety helmets as required.

Helmet is a very important protection tool to protect the head and alleviate collision injuries when riding motorcycles and electric bicycles. It is very dangerous to ride motorcycles and electric bicycles without wearing or not wearing helmets correctly. Judging from Gao Qing’s accident situation, the death toll from motorcycles and electric bicycles accounted for 87.9% of the total traffic accidents. From the point of view of the injured parts of the dead, the head injuries accounted for 78.6%. Driving a motorcycle or electric vehicle without wearing a safety helmet is just joking with your own life, and it is also irresponsible to your family.

Post time: Jun-19-2021