Choosing a Motorcycle helmet needs to be cautious to avoid misunderstandings

Motorcycle helmet manufacturers say that an important misunderstanding is that the lighter the helmet, the better. The helmet standard has passed the safety certification test. The general weight is about 260g. Even if the distance is a little far away, you will not feel tired. No need to buy a special helmet.

The bigger the hole of the motorcycle helmet, the more breathable it is. Breathability is the key to choosing a helmet, but not the bigger the better. If the hole is larger, it means that more parts are exposed, and the protection level will be reduced accordingly.

According to European regulations, the use of helmets is recommended not to exceed 5 years. The main indicators of the helmet are sturdiness (safety), heat dissipation performance, shape (drag coefficient), quality, and wearing comfort. You can use these measures when you buy. However, these indicators are generally not marked on the product manual, so the performance of the helmet is indeed not easy to quantify, and can only be judged based on experience.

It is recommended to choose a motorcycle helmet with a better brand and quality. No matter how cheap it is, I dare not use it. After all, life is priceless. If the helmet is uncomfortable, it will produce undesirable feelings and potentially dangerous.

Post time: Oct-09-2021