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What material is good for motorcycle helmets?

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What material is good for motorcycle helmets?


Motorcycle helmets, also known as motorcycle passenger helmets, are used to protect the heads of motorcycle riders and passengers and lower motorcycle passengers in accidents. They are composed of shells, buffer layers, comfortable pads, wearing devices, goggles and other parts. The shell material of motorcycle helmets determines its quality. So what material is good for motorcycle helmets? The materials of motorcycle helmets are:

1. ABS resin material: This is an engineering plastic. The characteristics of this material are strong impact resistance and good dimensional stability. The market price of helmets made of this material is usually between one hundred and three hundred.

2. PC+ABS alloy material: Compared with ABS resin material, this material has much higher strength and toughness, and also has a lot of improvement in low-temperature impact performance.

3. Fiberglass material: This material of helmet is made of fiber-reinforced plastic, which is a composite material. Fiberglass helmets are lighter and stronger than ABS helmets, but they are also more difficult to make and have lower production, so they are much more expensive than ABS.

 4. Carbon fiber material: This material is the best helmet material at present. It is very strong, very light, and has high technical content, but it is relatively expensive. Carbon fiber has high axial strength and modulus, low density, ultra-high temperature, and good fatigue resistance. It not only has the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials, but also has the softness and processability of textile fibers. It is a new generation of reinforced fiber.

Note: There are also helmets made of PP materials on the market. This material can only be used to make toy helmets. The safety is very poor and it is not worth considering.