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What kind of helmet is not stuffy when riding a motorcycle in summer?

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What kind of helmet is not stuffy when riding a motorcycle in summer?


What kind of motorcycle helmet is not stuffy when riding a motorcycle in summer? Nowadays, motorcycles are not only a means of transportation, but also a spiritual totem in the hearts of most motorcycle friends. If you are already riding a motorcycle or are preparing to start, you must wear all the safety helmet when riding. Don't think of not wearing a helmet just because the weather is hot in summer.

It is not unreasonable that the state stipulates that you must wear a safety helmet when riding a two-wheeled motor vehicle. A qualified motorcycle helmet can not only effectively buffer and reduce shock, but also prevent puncture and collision in an emergency, so the motorcycle helmet must not be removed easily.

When buying a motorcycle helmet in summer, in addition to paying attention to breathability and heat dissipation, other aspects, such as whether a shading lens is needed, should also be paid attention to. A motorcycle helmet with a good wearing experience in summer is for reference for all motorcycle friends. Friends who don’t know how to choose must pay more attention.

For novice riders or motorcyclists who commute short distances in the city, if you have requirements for comfort, you can consider a 3/4 helmet. It can ensure that there is no major problem in riding at medium and low speeds in the city, and the 3/4 helmet can obtain better structural breathability than flip-up helmets and full-face helmets. In addition, the recommended models have rich wind guide groove designs and anti-glare and anti-glare lens switching functions, which are safer and more reliable to wear, and ensure a good comfort experience.

VSTAR HELMET is DOT certified Open face helmet, with three layers of anti-skid, and the inner shell uses lightweight EPS cushioning to effectively protect the head and ensure safety performance. The double lens design can be replaced with a tea-shaped lens in summer to block sun and glare, block strong sunlight, and can be flexibly replaced in multiple weather conditions. There are switchable vents on the top to keep air flowing in the helmet during riding.